Primary school - LKG to Class 1

The children are encouraged in the “play way method”. Various hands-on activities to explore and discover things. These activities develop the observation skills, teamwork and creativity of the child.

The school maintains a good teacher to student ratio to enhance personalized attention and hands on learning. The presence of support staff in every class ensures timely help with hygiene and other requirements.

The classrooms in the new primary building are spacious, ventilated and are equipped with learning materials. This ambience makes the learning process more interesting and fun.

The designated play area for the primary school children provides ample space and facility to keep the children healthy and fit. Children also learn to interact and bond with peer groups during play time. The curriculum includes Music, Art, Games etc.

The students in class 1 are provided with tabs introduce them to the world of technology and computers.

No HW is given to the children of this age group. This gives them the time and space to spend quality time with their family and delve into the world beyond academics.


  • Covered large play area
  • Well-equipped and child friendly Library in an ambience to create interest in reading
  • Music room
  • Art Room

Notice Board

2019-02-19 -> Term I Fee payable on or before April 1st, 2019.

2019-01-25 -> Term II Fee payable in the month of September,2019

2017-06-02 -> The School offers French as a second language for classes 6 and above.

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