Sishya OMR School

Beyond Academics

Sports Activities @
Arjuna Sports Academy

The curriculum includes scheduled sports activity sessions 2-3 times a week, covering various sports like basketball, football, cricket, taekwondo, archery, badminton, throwball, and athletics.

Field Trips and Excursions

Field trips and excursions are effective experiential education methods that allow students to explore concepts outside the classroom and reinforce their learning experiences.

Environmental Initiatives

The school is promoting environmental awareness through poster campaigns, talk and activities encouraging students to adopt small changes like turning off lights, using paper minimally and adapting using cotton or jute bags.

Community Outreach Programmes

Community outreach programmes support students’ interests, encourage involvement in school, local, or global communities, promote environmental stewardship, and host charity events to support animal shelters, elderly homes, refugee camps, and schools for the underprivileged.

Visual Arts

Visual arts foster creativity and individual talents in students through diverse media like painting, sculpture, ceramics, and assemblage, encouraging them to explore the unknown.

Student Council

The Student Council, comprising of higher secondary school students, is an advisory committee responsible for student-related matters and the official representative of the student body in planning and executing all school events.

Projects and Exhibitions

Projects and exhibitions enable students to showcase their knowledge, creativity, and skills, fostering hands-on learning, critical thinking, collaboration and thereby emboldening them for the future.

MUN Conferences

Model United Nations (MUN) simulates the UN’s operations, teaching students about diplomacy, international relations, and global issues. It provides valuable extracurricular activities, enhancing the students’ skills for careers in politics and related fields and enhancing their skills.

Class Assembly

Class assembly programmes foster student reflection on pertinent topics and universal values like respect, cooperation, and peace, promoting personal and social education and the moral and cultural aspects of the curriculum.


SishQuest is an interschool competition that fosters children’s development through dance, drama, singing, essay writing and quizzes allowing them to showcase their talents, skills, and abilities, promoting personal growth and success.

Students’ Achievements

With honours from international, national, and regional competitions, Sishya OMR honours and promotes students for their accomplishments in the fields of academics, athletics, visual arts, science, technology, debates, and environmental conservation.

Theatre for Creative Arts

Theatre classes offer endless opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. The students discover the power of storytelling, the thrill of embodying diverse characters, and the joy of collaborating with fellow artists. It is about exploring the depths of human experience, connecting with your audience, and discovering new facets of yourself along the way.

SUPW - The Zeal

The Zeal, the official newsletter of Sishya OMR, provides the students with a platform to present their thoughts articulately. The magazine trains our students to write articles, edit and design and encourages Teamwork. The Zeal team is strongly encouraged to submit at least one written work to every issue of the magazine and it is also made sure that every student on the Zeal Team gets a chance to design at least one edition of the newsletter.

Intellect Forum

The Intellect Forum at Sishya OMR School focuses mainly in training students in oratorical and debating skills. The members of the Forum are engaged in different activities in order to enhance their critical thinking. They are given real-world topics and issues; this encourages them to discuss, interact & learn from their peers. As there is a growing emphasis on creativity and free thought this forum gives the students the stage to confer their perspective and showcase their prowess.

Tholkappiam Tamil Mandram

The Purpose of the Tholkappiam Tamil Mandram is to create an interest and love for tamil among the students by exposing them to ancient tamil literature. The TTM inspires and encourage the students to think and write in tamil and participate in various competitions and thereby hone their skills. TTM also creates a platform for the students to explore and exhibit their talents.

Interact Club

SISHYA OMR Interact Club allows students to work together and be part of many different community service programs and initiatives. Our school is under the advocacy of the Rotary Club of Adyar. The club helps students to gain leadership, management and team work skills.

Further they can learn vocational skills which will be useful for their higher education. Class XI are the members of the Interact Club. Cash inflows are generated through various initiatives and the proceeds are utilised to buy books and to the distribute to under privileged children.

Parents Teachers Association

The PTA serves as a platform for parents, teachers, and school administrators to come together, exchange ideas, and work towards common goals that enhance the academic, social, and emotional well-being of students. The PTA plays a crucial role in organizing events and coordinating volunteer activities that enrich the school experience.