Sishya OMR School


Primary School

Grades 2-5

At the Primary level, English is considered the first language enabling students to develop their communication competencies. Exposure to different languages helps young learners structure their thought processes and explore various realms of knowledge and imagination.

Mathematics focuses on reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving at a very early age.

Environmental Studies (EVS-Classes 1-2) is an integrated curriculum which is taught using a thematic approach aiming at enhancing curiosity and creativity, developing an appreciation for diversity and becoming sensitive to everything in the surroundings.

Science and Social Studies (Classes 3-5) are instructed with a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating topics with other subjects which has the power to propel learning in each discipline forward, and social studies falls right in line with this concept.

Computer Science is another core area that allows children to learn technology and helps them prepare for the future.

Last but not least, Art Education at the primary level encourages children to discover their creativity and expression and gives wings to their imagination.

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